Monday, 10 June 2013

Cleanest Source of energy- Solar Energy

The most clean and pure source of energy is Sun or rather The Solar Energy . This source as we all know is literally unlimited and its uses too are unlimited but we sadly have not been able to harness this incredible energyto its full potential !!! This energy's application's is so vast that it has the capability of replacing any and all other energy resources, for ex: electricity, water heater  or basically power anything etc .

Yes we have harnessed it to some decent level like converting solar energy into electricity to power our cities (to some level) by using the photovoltaic cells. Most of the solar power infromation sources state this method as being the most popular of all the methods. Usually these cells are placed at the roof to collect rays from the sun. These rays are transformed later on to DC current electricity and then transformed to AC current using a converter. The generated electricity can be used directly or stored for later use.

The size of photovoltaic cells to be used varies with the intended use of the system. Solar power information guides provide assistance as to the optimal size of these cells is. These cells are put together in a solar panel, that together gather the solar energy, generally using these panels alone is not practical therefor these are used in harmony in solar kits to optimize the total energy produced for the occupied space this is a good process and currently is most popular .

The total energy that is produced is modified by the parabolic mirrors. The parabolic mirrors are used to concentrate the sun rays into specific cell which will be responsible of generating solar energy.

Then there is another way that the solar energy is used is called solar thermal energy. This method uses a collector to capture the heat from the sun. The heat that is captured by the collector is used to provide hot water to the residence. Thus the use of such system is limited to generating hot water. Next to air heating, hot water is considered by most solar power information sources as the most source of electricity consumption.

So we can say that we are safely on our way to cleaner energy that will make our planet more beautiful . So contribute now !!

Source: Solar kits

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